Welcome to my website
Hi my name is Susan Kaltschmidt and I am passionate about design, new technologies, user research and experience design and everything that evokes magic moments.

About me

Nice to meet you

In February 2016 I finished my studies in Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim (B.A.).

I will continue my studies in Media Computer Science at the University of Regensburg (B.Sc.).

Geek Time with Arduino & Co

Arduino offers the perfect platform for me to be creative in my design projects and to learn more about coding.
Below you can see my two main projects and the code.

Arduino robotic car

Click here to see the code

Arduino Thermometer

Click here to see the code

Romba dancing robot

Building kit for experimentation



Below you can see some interactive drawings which were created with my drawing tool programmed with Processing. You can use the mouse and the keyboard to draw forms, patterns and background in order to create poster, flyer, desktop backgrounds etc.

Please click here to try the tool

Interface & Brand design

UX and webdesign are my passion

My work as UX working student at SAP, the internship at Google and my other internships helped me to gain experience in brand, UX and interface design. Besides I enjoy to work together with engineers and front-end developers.
  • Google Scotland Referendum Website, 2014
  • Google US Midterm Election Website, 2014
  • Google US Midterm Election mobile, 2014
  • Google Nigeria Election Website, 2014
  • Google G+ posts UX Design, 2014
  • SFK Fl√ľchtlingswerk Webdesign and programming, 2016
    See the website here
  • Marketing campaign for refugee children, 2016
  • Stadtcaf√© Grimm Webdesign, 2015
    See the website here
  • Medventure Fitness Webdesign and programming, 2014
  • 1&1 DIY Web design example, 2013
  • Freudenberg Banner, 2013
  • Copyshop Lampertheim Website, 2013
  • Backstage Pro Logo Design, 2012
    See the logo here
  • Kletterwald Speyer Website design, 2012
    See the website here
  • KEB Industrietechnik GmbH Website and Brand design, 2011
    See the website here
Motion Graphics & Animation

Cinema 4D animation & Co

Enclosed you can find my collection of video projects
which were created with After Effects, Cinema4D and iMovie.
Illustration, photography and other

Experimental works of my freetime

Enclosed you can find my newest freetime projects of my 3D print models which were created with OpenSCAD, Google SketchUp and Sculptris. All these models were printed with the Ultimaker 2.

Additional there are pizza portraits, poster re-designs, photography and drawings.